Naturally Grown, Environmentally Conscious.

Quality. Quantity. Consistency.

We’re passionate about enhancing relaxation, inspiring creativity and having more fun, no matter what you’re doing. How do we make that happen? By ensuring that everything we produce is made from the highest-quality craft cannabis around. We grow premium cannabis using sustainable, low-impact methods. All UKU cannabis products–from flower and prerolls to concentrates and edibles–come from plants harvested by hand and processed responsibly.

We strive to optimize every harvest for quality, quantity and consistency, while keeping it safe for you and the environment. This helps us ensure that you enjoy consistent, quality experiences with UKU craft cannabis in your home, on the town, and around your campfires for years to come.

The UKU Standard

We Believe In:

Growing natural cannabis with experience and integrity

Placing an emphasis on quality and consistency

Following environmentally conscious practices