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UKU vapable products do not contain Vitamin E acetate or any other Vitamin E derivative. We remain committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for consumer safety and transparency.

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What makes UKU APEX flash oil different? What is chroma processed?

UKU APEX flash oil is unlike any other Cannabis oil on the market. Due to our state-of-the-art processing platform, we are able to achieve a level of purity and THC integrity that puts this extract into a new category of its own. Starting with our winterized CO2 oil extracted from premium flower, we then use an advanced chromatographic approach where the extract is cold processed to prevent degradation and to preserve the full integrity of the cannabinoids. Full-spectrum, strain-specific terpenes are then re-introduced to provide an unmatched potency, purity and flavor experience, which is free of additives, impurities and waxes.

Why is APEX flash oil amber in color? Why isn’t it clear like distillate?

For starters, APEX flash oil isn’t distillate, it’s flash oil! Due to our advanced refinement process and the ultra-pure state of the cannabinoids, our flash oil actually ends up a light amber color vs. the straw color that’s common with distillate. When the cannabinoids are in this ultra-pure state, they oxidize faster which results in a light amber color. Similar to sediment in craft beer or varied colors in heirloom produce, they exhibit natural qualities in their truest form, which is what happens when our oil meets oxygen. We could “clean” this ultra-pure extract with solvents to stabilize a lighter color for visuals, but since we don’t use any additives in our process, we leave our beautiful flash oil alone.

How is it different than other CO2 and/or distillate that claim high levels of potency?

Not only does APEX contain high levels of THC, due to the cold chroma processing we are able to retain the full range of cannabinoids with some of the highest levels of fidelity. This process allows for them to be preserved in their most elemental and effective state. In other high potency products, producers may state high levels of THC, but the cannabinoids likely experienced a level of degradation and isomerization through harsher processing techniques (such as the high temperatures used during distillation), which results in a less rewarding and harsher cannabinoid experience.

With the high levels of THC, will it taste good?

Yes! Our goal is to not only create ultra-pure, high-potency extract, but to deliver a rich Cannabis flavor experience as well. We carefully calibrate the re-introduction of our authentic strain-specific terpenes to deliver the right balance of flavor and effect, for the perfect complement to our heavy hitting THC levels.

What potency range should be expected with APEX?

APEX promises 90%+ delta 9 THC every time for customers. We expect ranges to be anywhere from 90% all the way up to 97%. For customers who prefer lower THC ranges, we offer our premium UKU CO2 Oil that will range from 70-90%, as well as disposable slim pens that will range from 60-80%.

So APEX is strong?

Yes, it is a singular experience. We advise all customers to take it slow with APEX – sip it, don’t rip it 😉

Will UKU provide third-party test results?

Absolutely. UKU tests all of our extracts via third-party testing facilities and will provide all test results for our customers.